5 Helpful Hookup Tips and Tricks

These days, getting a partner or a raunchy hookup has become effortless thanks to dating apps. However, making a connection and fostering the new relationship is a whole different ballgame. Below are vital tips and tricks to scale through the wavy tides of hookups without any mistake.

The Secret to Keeping Your Partner Hooked

I like to maintain that the secret to having a fantastic hookup and keeping your partner hooked is openness and exploring your passion. Of course, we all can agree that not every encounter leads to something serious, but even a no-strings-attached should kick off on the right foot. Sex therapists reveal that the below-mentioned points are the secrets to having a hitch-free hookup with a new partner.

Make Your Intentions Known

Be honest about what you want and communicate this clearly to your partner. It is super important to keep your intentions known when hooking up with someone new. Chances are your partner evaluates themselves to either be on the same page or opt-out of the encounter. According to Georgie Wolf in his book The Art of Hookup, making your intentions known weeds off the wrong people as the right person will want the same things as you. So when you meet someone new, don’t automatically assume they want the same things as you do, have that talk.

Get Consent

The point of hooking up is for partners to feel good and enjoy each other’s company. However, as soon as you discover your partner shows no explicit, affirmative consent goes no further. Consent is paramount even when your partner retracts after having shown interest initially. Keep in mind at all times that “no” means go no further. Also, let’s not even go into the legal consequences of going ahead with having your way on a partner who doesn’t give consent.

Take the Reins into Your Own Hands

It always pays to take the lead to express your intentions rather than wait for the other person to walk up to you first. The worst part is, sometimes the other person may be feeling the same way too but waiting to see if you would make a move. But, if people can become more expressive to their love interests, maybe we wouldn’t’ have so many heartbreaks and relationship frustrations in the world. If you make a move and you both are into it, things could go a lot faster than you imagined.

Make Passionate Eye Contact

Your eyes tell a lot of stories and when sexual interactions come in play, your eyes tell the other person just how much you want them. According to Julie Melillo, a Manhattan-based dating coach, “You want to be focused on the other person. This way, you get a better idea if they’re into what you’re doing, and you create a real connection”. This goes to tell you, making eye contact goes a long way in luring your partner into your world than you can ever imagine.

Focus On Their Presence and Your Passion

Nothing speaks more than when you make someone feel you’re knee-deep into every word they are saying. Most people find it annoying when in the middle of a conversation, they figure out you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying. I, for one, find this a huge turn-off on my part.

Also, let your passion lead the way. Most times, go ahead with what comes on your mind, whether a kiss or a naughty statement. These impromptu actions also express the longing within you to your partner. So there you have it, the best tricks to a fantastic hookup.

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