How To Meet Someone When You’re A Single Parent

Stepping back into the waters of dating and relationships is often a big challenge for single parents. A lot of factors and considerations come into play in this regard, and though you may feel you’re ready, a lot of things could go wrong if not properly handled. Read on to discover how to go about meeting someone new when you’re a single parent.

Make Up Your Mind You Want To Date Again

The only way around meeting someone is placing dating among the priorities in your life. Of course, we all know it’s difficult raising a child and thinking about a lover all at once. Worse still, children often feel insecure when a parent meets someone new. However, assure your child(ren) that your new relationship will in no way affect theirs, take out time to read about moving on, feel beautiful and confident in your skin, sign up on single parent dating apps, workout more often. Finally, assure yourself this is a step you’re willing to take again.

Be Honest To Your Date About Your Present Status

So you had a child for a randy ex immediately after high school, what’s the big deal. You should never let yourself feel low or lie about your parental status for any reason. Your child above all is your priority, and part of you, if your date doesn’t appreciate this aspect of your life, then they probably aren’t meant for you. Your dating life as a single parent should be founded on truth and understanding, and if you ever find yourself not treading these paths, retrace your steps immediately.

Release the Pressure

As a single parent, you’re bound to face a lot of pressure; it may be work, parenting, an annoying ex, or even finances. However, never let these weigh you down or the chances of starting something beautiful with someone new. Also, take off the pressure and anxiety of meeting someone new and don’t think too hard on it. Remember, you’ve done this before, the only difference is you’re a parent now, and that is okay.

Don’t Be In a Hurry to Introduce Your New Partner to Your Child

Kids always remember the people their parents’ date for a longer time than parents do. Do well to keep the numbers low, don’t go introducing every hookup to your kids. Allow them only to remember the lasting one; the one could prolly stick around for a while. This goes a long way to form your child into a better adult. Here’s the reason why kids will start bonding faster than you could ever imagine. Playing games with your new partner and having fun conversations. However, if the relationship hits the rock, this affects them emotionally as well, you don’t want that.

Strike a Balance

No matter how magical your new-found love seems, never abandon your kids by spending all your free time with them. Striking a balance between your partner and your child goes a long way to mild your child’s fear that they’re losing you and sends a clear message to your partner that you care a lot about your child, they’ll also act same towards the child.

Focus Only On the Present

It’s so natural to think of what the future holds between you and your partner. However, live in the present and worry not of what tomorrow might be. People often waste so much time chasing the future and forgetting the beauty today presents. This often leads to anxiety, disappointments, and depressions when things aren’t going as you have dreamt. Don’t lose your balance.” With the right strategies, dating as a single parent can be fun and empowering.

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