How to Prepare For a Hookup as a Guy

Everyman fantasizes having a one night stand or hookup at some point or even regularly. This is fine, and if you choose to explore these fantasies, you have to do it the right way. Prepping for a hookup isn’t rocket science as many inexperienced men think. There are thousands of tips online, but in here, we focus on the essential thing you need to do on a hook out date.

Having a great hookup goes beyond finding a willing partner on dating apps and the right combination of good looks, suave debonair. It is purely based on having the right attitude, proper preparation, and a boost in self-confidence. Start with these steps to a successful hookup with your date.

Look Good and Feel Good

The truth is, people are most likely get attracted to appearance first before whatever you say. A vast majority of women fall under this category. Hence, clean yourself up properly, dress stylishly, put on an excellent manly perfume and slay confidently across the bar.

Figure Out Potential Spots

Of course, there are spots where you can meet potential hookups. Start by visiting such promising locations. You can also check out wedding venues, dance clubs, birthday bashes and nightclubs. Formal gatherings are not ideal spots to search for a hookup date.

Get the Bedroom Ready

You don’t want to bring her home to an unfit apartment. You may not live in a cosy condo in an upscale part of the city. But your apartment should have some level of neatness, organization and decency fit to welcome a date.

Study Her Actions and Get to Know Each

Don’t just dive right into it. No one wants to make out with a selfish person who sees them as a sex object. Before jumping into bed, have some sort of interaction and get to understand each other. Before you misinterpret this, please keep detailed personal information confidential. Rather simply keep the conversation casual, ask about her fantasies. This could get the mood rolling.

Mutual Respect and Consent

At all times, keep you a dignifying and respectful countenance with your partner. Remember, consent is everything, keeps you within the rights of law and ensures you respect your partner’s decision. So, once they say, ‘no’ go no further with your actions.

Keep a Condom Handy

Your protection, as well as the protection of your partner, is paramount. Hence, always keep a condom close by the bed stand or in your wallet. Many times, people forget this vital part of hooking up and end up not having sex because they forgot to get condoms. Wrong right, yeah, I know. 

Make the First Move

Who says she has to kiss you first? Every woman likes a daring man. So cut out the awkward stare and chit chat and delve right into that erotic kiss on your mind. Trust me chances are she’ll be so into it and who knows this could lead to other naughty activities.

Keep an After Sex Snack

Note that this is compulsory, but I believe that sex shouldn’t end the boring-go-straight-to-sleep way, make her feel special even if it’s for that one time. Keep some chocolate chips or candy bars handy, to send her straight into sweet ecstasy after the sex.

End and Depart On a Good Note

Don’t just head out the door once the activities are over. Ask if she would spend more time together even if it’s merely falling asleep together for the night or having a chitchat about what next. Simply end with dignity and understanding.

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